It is the time of giving with the Holidays and New Year coming up. Celebrities are gifting and giving this holiday season -- especially Chrissy Teigen. The model, who is married to the fantastic singer John Legend, was spotted looking fabulous in the latest holiday episode of "Lip Sync Battle," which she hosts with her husband, John Legend. During this holiday edition episode, there were a whole lot of holiday costumes, some good old dance moves, and fabulous #Christmas songs.

Chrissy Teigen stunned the crowd in a red velvet mini dress

Chrissy Teigen was spotted in this holiday episode wearing a gorgeous red velvet mini dress and of course, being the festive model that she is, she also wore an adorable santa hat to match the whole ensemble. She was spotted in the episode dancing with her husband John and the duo looked absolutely adorable and super holiday chic.

Chrissy's ensemble was the perfect New Year or holiday party look that everyone wants. So much so that one of her fans commented on her Twitter account saying how much she adored her dress.

Rebecca Howe, the Teigen fan, wrote: "@chrissyteigen but seriously when you're done with that red dress from this week's @SpikeLSB can I have it please" The tweet is included below:

Chrissy responded to a fan's admiration of her ensemble

Chrissy Teigen, being the awesome celebrity that she is, showed just that yet again.

She responded to her fan, Rebecca Howe, who tweeted that she loved her dress: "DM me your address," and shortly after, sent Rebecca her red velvet dress in the mail. Rebecca was spotted in a recent Youtube video opening up the gift and being thrilled about receiving a dress that Chrissy Teigen not only gave to her but also, wore in her latest "Lip Sync Battle" episode.

This was such a kind deed to see and the real reason why the holiday season is such a great time of year!

It also goes to show that some celebrities do really read their social media comments, so if you get lucky like Rebecca Howe, you might just be getting another dress from Chrissy Teigen in the future!

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