Are Bella Thorne and Charlie Puth an item?

The celebrity gossip rumor mill is always turning, and lately it has turned in the direction of the rumors surrounding Pop star Charlie Puth and actress Bella Thorne. Fuel was added to the hot and steamy romance fire when the pair was snapped in a photograph while spending time with one another on a beach -- holding hands, no less.

The "See You Again" hitmaker certainly seems as though he could have his sights set on Bella Thorne, and it could also be very likely that Charlie Puth will most definitely be seeing her again, as well. The pair was spotted out and about in Miami, Florida on Sunday.

And, as the two were getting cozy with one another, it has only led to further speculation among fans that there could be something more going on here.

What does Charlie Puth have to say about the rumors?

Thus far, the Pop star has denied that he and Bella Thorne are an item. Speaking to "Entertainment Tonight," the 25-year-old singer was adamant in saying that he and Bella Thorne are not together. That said, however, he did acknowledge that the two of them did look good together, so perhaps there may be something in the works there that could lead to something further down the line. Even if there isn't anything official going on at the moment, fans cannot deny the fact that there is certainly a lot of chemistry between them.

It's likely that these rumors will continue to swirl in the coming weeks, if not indefinitely. The tabloids and the Twittersphere certainly always gush over a new romance, and perhaps they are just the latest in a long string of these. Either way, it will certainly give fans something else to watch out for aside from new music from Charlie Puth, or Bella Thorne's next acting role.

At the moment, Bella Thorne is coming off of her split from fellow actor Tyler Posey, and Charlie Puth is looking to get some rest and relaxation in after all of the traveling he has been doing of late. Perhaps fans will be treated to some juicy details at a later date.

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