Charlamagne Tha God is a popular radio personality and no stranger to controversy. The "Breakfast Club" host has been criticized time and time again for his views relating to black culture and black people. In 2014, Charlamagne was accused of hating black women after he made a disgusting "joke" about Viola Davis.

Now, it looks like Charlamagne is back at it again.

He took to Twitter last night to express his views about black women and where he feels like their falling short.

Call out from Charlamagne?

It didn't take long for people to notice Charlamagne's tweets.

Within hours, he was trending. Franchesca Ramsey, a popular host, writer, and activist was not pleased. (Her and Charlamagne have worked together in the past and both work with MTV).

Franchesca went on to name dozens of Black and Latino content creators that Charlamagne seemed to have forgotten.

After that, he didn't have much of a response.

Charlamagne vs. Everyone

In addition to Franchesca, several other black activists began criticizing Charlamagne for his tweets.

(Jouelzy is a YouTuber and Blogger with over 160,000 subscribers and 10 million views.)

(Kat Blaque is an Activist and Creator with over 110,000 subscribers and 180,000 Facebook fans.)

(Akilah Hughes is a YouTuber and Writer for Fusion with over 120,000 subscribers.)


Many spectators accused Charlamagne of being purposely offensive to garner attention.

Twitter user @shadeinfull pointed out that Charlamagne already knows plenty of black women that are using their platforms to talk about social justice and politics, same as Tomi Lohren.

"I don't know why folks are giving Charlamagne the name of great Black women as if he doesn't know. You're just sending his trolls their way. Charlamagne works with Crissle from the Read, works under MTV with Chescaleigh, and is co-workers with Angela Lee."

Charlamagne also has a book coming out in 2017, and many people suspect that he could be using this backlash for free press. So far, he has yet to apologize or further clarify his statements.

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