'Dragon Ball Super'

Just a few hours ago, new developments were filtered. Developments that will surprise many, because we are talking about the Saiyajin Goku’s death at the hands of a villain from Universe 7 with a plan for governing the 7th Universe and Earth. The murderer could be one who did awful things in the universe where he came from (Universe 6). He even murdered little children, and the name of this ruthless, efficient villain is none other than Hit

Hit was excused by the god Champa, when this last one saw the killer had a supreme power and abilities for winning the Universal Martial Arts Tournament.


At the right moment, Hit showed up having a lot of advantages for overtaking every Saiyajin in a humiliating manner. Even Saiyajin Vegeta could have had a stellar fight, but was defeated, while Goku also was losing in a way that had never been seen before, because the Saiyajin was always used to being the most powerful in all the universes, and Earth.

Hit and Zamasu

Although, now there is also a hypothesis about Zamasu. It says that he made a trip before being killed, so that he could appreciate the fights at the highest level, next to his master Gowasu, so he decided to convince him to murder Goku, as a contingency plan just incase he were to meet his end in the alternative future.

So the death of Zamasu already exists at the hands of the Saiyajin Future Trunks, who broke him in two parts, because in that way he cannot reproduce again and continue with his plan of zero mortals. If the plot is really true, it would be the reason why Hit, in the image of the V-Jump magazine, looks like he has been possessed by an unknown deity.

But Zamasu's interest in being in charge of reigning over Earth and the 12 Universes left him in great confusion over why he needs to release his anger against humans, who have certainly done nothing to him to warrant such a violent reaction.

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Now we only have to wait a few days to know more about the new villain arriving in "Dragon Ball Super."