Carrie Fisher's untimely death sent millions around the world into mourning. While it seems like the world can talk about little else, this year has actually been full of shocking celebrity deaths. Let's take a look at some of the biggest celebrity deaths that have happened in 2016.

Celebrity deaths: in the order they happened

David Bowie, Jan. 10

Bowie was the first big name in celebrity deaths, passing away a mere 10 days into 2016. One of the biggest music icons who pushed the boundaries of pop and rock genres, Bowie lost his battle to cancer at the age of 69.

Alan Rickman, Jan. 14

Rickman also lost his fight to the "Big C." News of his tragic death left Harry Potter fans mourning. Rickman was best known for his role as Professor Severus Snape in the series.

Glenn Frey, Jan. 18

The lead singer and frontman for one of Rock n Roll's greatest bands of all-time, The Eagles. Frey wrote most of the band's material, bringing to the public hits like "Hotel California" and "Tequila Sunrise." He passed away from medical complications at just 67-years-old.

Harper Lee, Feb.


Despite only having written two books in her lifetime, Lee remains one of the most influential authors. Her novel, "To Kill a Mockingbird," is still a staple in most high school curriculums in America. She died at the age of 89, making her the oldest of all the celebrity deaths that have happened this year.

Celebrity deaths: gone but never forgotten

Prince, April 21

Known for his eclectic and flamboyant personality, Prince was a musical pioneer.

He was found dead in an elevator in his home, from an accidental overdose. He was 57-years-old.

Christina Grimmie, Jun. 10

Certainly the most horrific celebrity death of 2016, "The Voice" singer, Grimmie, was killed by a fan.

Anton Yelchin, Jun. 19

Best known for his role as Pavel Chekov, in the Star Trek reboot series, the 27-year-old died in a freak car accident when he was pinned by his car as it rolled down the driveway of his home.

George Michael, Dec. 25

As a member of the famed duo Wham!, which brought us the song "Last Christmas," Michael's death from heart failure at age 53, couldn't be more ironic.

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, Dec. 27/28

Carrie Fisher passed away from complications of a heart attack on December 27th, and her mother, Debbie Reynolds passed away from a stroke just one day later on December 28th.

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