Carrie Fisher's death on Tuesday at the age of 60 interrupted her involvement in a series of television and film projects, according to Variety in its online edition. The most outstanding role of the actress was the role of Princess Leia in the Star Wars series.

The shootings for 'Star Wars 8' finished

The shooting for the 8th film in the Star Wars series, where Carrie Fisher played the role of Leia Organa, finished in July and the film is now in post-production. Variety cites other sources who say that the work of Carrie Fisher on the film was complete.

This means that the producers of the series -- Disney and Lucasfilm -- will not have to address the situation created by the death of the actress before 2018 (when shooting for the 9th film begins). According to Variety, the actress was going to play a role in this production, too.

Other projects of the actress

Other than Star Wars, Fisher was appreciated for her work behind the camera. Among her many projects, she had a role in the comedy "Catastrophe," a production of Amazon/Channel 4, where she played the mother of the character played by Rob Delaney.

The third season of the comedy will air early next year. Carrie Fisher was returning from London, where she was working on the comedy, when she suffered a heart attack. The shooting of the third season of "Catastrophe" was finished, and the actress appears in one of the six episodes of the series.

The actress also played a role in the production "Family Guy." It is not known if the actress completed her work on more episodes before her death.

Her colleagues are very sad about her death

The actress Sharon Horgan, who is also involved in "Catastrophe," wrote on Instagram about Fisher that she was one of the most generous, smart, kind, and funny people she has ever known. She added that she was certainly not ready to leave this world, and that she was so glad they became friends. She also said she was very devastated with the loss. Colleagues such as Mark Hamill and Whoopi Goldberg also praised Fisher online since her passing.

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