Actress Carrie Fisher was unresponsive on a flight after suffering a cardiac event. The 60-year-old Fisher was on her way back to Los Angeles from London when she suffered what is being called a "cardiac episode." Fisher, who became an icon from the first "Star Wars" movie as the character Princess Leia, is listed in critical condition after she was rushed to a Los Angeles hospital after her flight landed at LAX Friday.


A little after noon on Friday, paramedics from the Los Angeles Fire Department were called to LAX for a patient suffering a "Cardiac Arrest." According to Fox News, the paramedics provided "advanced" life support to Fisher and "aggressively" treated the patient.

Heart attack

Fisher has suffered a heart attack, reports People Magazine. This occurred during the 11-hour flight from London to LAX. She is in critical condition. After Fisher was rushed to the hospital, her daughter Billie Lourd was seen on the premises with Fisher's dog. Reports indicate that Fisher is on a ventilator to help her breathe.

Stopped breathing on flight

This was a serious medical event because when the plane arrived at LAX, Fisher was unresponsive. Passengers aboard Flight 935 included actress Anna Akana, who posted a very grim outlook on Twitter.

She said that Carrie stopped breathing on the way home from London. She later thanked the doctor and nurses who happened to be passengers on the flight, and who jumped to the aid of Fisher as soon as she suffered the medical event.

It sounds as if Akana was having a hard time wrapping her head around what happened to Fisher and the first tweet was a rather grim post, but she did hit Twitter again with a thank you, as seen below:

Akana conveyed just how uncomfortable she was seeing this happen to Fisher.

When she got to the hospital and saw Fisher's dog Gary, who is a valued family member to Carrie, Akana sounded a bit more grounded in her next tweet:

Brad Cage, the comedian, was also on the flight, and his tweets showed just how shaken he was to see Carrie Fisher taken off the plane in a stretcher.

He wrote how the EMTs just took her off the plane. Cage was traveling with Akana from London back home to Los Angeles.

Cage didn't know where to put himself from the sound of his tweet, he continued with another tweet below:

Prayers and well wishes

Other famous names tweeted their best thoughts out to Carrie Fisher today including William Shatner, Christina Applegate and Peter Mayhew.

Fisher's recent book, "The Princess Diarist," has put her in the public eye once again. Baby Boomers rushed to read her book, which talked all about the time she spent on the set of the original "Star Wars" movie.

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