Carrie Fisher faced her share of struggles with addiction. She wrote a best-seller in 1987, "Postcards From The Edge" where she openly discussed her battle with both drugs and mental illness. In 2011, she said she had been clean for 23 years and had slipped only four or five times.

The death of a friend in her bed!

In 2005 she was in the limelight over the death of R. Gregory Stevens. He was a 42-year-old friend of hers that was a Republican politico. They spent the night together and he was found dead in her bed in the morning.

After an investigation it was revealed that the cause of death was a heart attack brought on by the use of oxycodone and cocaine.

Partially responsible for a wrongful death?

According to court documents, as reported by Radar Online, Carrie Fisher was named in a wrongful death Lawsuit by Gianna Breliant, the mother of Amy Breliant. The 71 page suit claims that Fisher and Warren Boyd, co-producer of "The Cleaner" on A&E as well as a celebrity addiction counselor, were teamed up. The two were running a second-rate rehab program that the plaintiff's daughter entered.

Once the participants completed rehab, they were put into "sober houses," typically in the home of a celebrity.

Amy Breliant became a resident at Carrie Fisher's guesthouse with other participants in the program. She was paid profits from Boyd's program that were about $10,000 per week. One of the roommates for the deceased was Keith Salmon, a known alcoholic. According to the lengthy lawsuit, Salmon took advantage of Amy.

He would get her drugs in exchange for sex. Eventually, Amy Breliant was moved to another "sober house" where she later died.

On October 24, 2016 she asked the court to remove her from the proceedings. The judge ruled against her and said the case would move forward with her being held partially responsible for the death of the plaintiff's daughter. There is no word yet on how the death of Carrie Fisher will impact the pending lawsuit and any future proceedings related to the case.

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