Shocking news came out today that Camila Cabello has left the hit group Fifth Harmony. This group was started on "The X-Factor" and has a huge fanbase, but now things are really going to be changing for them. Hollywood Life shared the details about how Camila left the group and allegedly didn't even tell the group she was going to leave, but instead they heard it from her reps.

What went down with Fifth Harmony?

The news came out tonight from Fifth Harmony. They posted it on their Twitter and Facebook page both. This was on their official pages, so there is no reason to think it isn't the truth.

After four and a half years of being together, Fifth Harmony just won't the same. The statement says that the rep is actually the one who let them know that Camila was leaving the group.

The other four girls in the group are planning to continue making music together. That means that the group will still be around. If they are going to change their name, then they haven't shared the plans for that just yet. They probably haven't had a lot of time to think over these kinds of decisions.

The fans are going crazy on the posts and talking about how Fifth Harmony has really changed now. Some are even comparing it to when One Direction had a band member leave, but of course, this is a bit different.

Zayn Malik has gone on to have a solo career, but nobody knows if that is what Camila has planned. So far, nobody knows why she made the choice to leave the group either.

This all comes after Lauren Jauregui was recently detained for Possession of Marijuana. Her rep shared saying, "Lauren Jauregui was not arrested and detained as reported, but simply given a citation for possession of marijuana and released on her own recognizance." Fifth Harmony is going to need some positive press now.

Are you shocked to hear that Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony? Do you think that she should have done it in a different way? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts. Fans can't wait to hear her side of the story and also hear from Simon Cowell.

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