Cam'ron is really unhappy with the way VH1 made it look like he was an actual cast member for Season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop New York." The iconic rapper claims he just joined up with the reality show to support some of his friends who were on it. Now he's considering a lawsuit because he says fans were duped into thinking he would be on the show a lot more than he actually is.

Will Cam'ron really sue 'Love & Hip Hop'?

It was during a recent interview with Power 105.1 host Angie Martinez that Cam'ron discussed his feelings toward VH1 and "LHHNY" for using him to promote the show. It looks like the rapper plans to get paid one way or another.

He told Angie that if VH1 doesn't ante up a big paycheck for his appearance in the promos and the show itself, he's suing.

Cam'ron is upset because he only went on the show in the first place to help a few of his closest friends who are regulars on Season 7 of "Love & Hip Hop New York." Juelz Santana made his debut recently along with his wife Kimbella. Cam'ron and Juelz go way back and founded Dipset together. He also wanted to support his own girlfriend JuJu who has been making regular appearances as well.

Cam'ron doesn't want to be a regular on 'LHHNY'

Cam'ron made it clear that he isn't interested in being a regular on the VH1 reality show. He said during the interview that Mona Scott-Young has been asking him to join the "LHHNY" cast for years and that he was never interested.

He said that his friend Juelz Santana went on this season and asked him to do a few scenes as a favor. Because Cam'ron owed Juelz a favor, he agreed to film a few scenes.

He claims that since agreeing to film a few times for Juelz and JuJu, VH1 has totally taken advantage of his appearance. Rather than letting fans know that Cam'ron was making a special appearance, they let everyone believe that he had finally agreed to join the "LHHNY" cast and that is not how it all went down.

Will Cam'ron really sue "Love & Hip Hop New York" for faking it with fans and acting like he will be spending more time on their screens? He seems pretty serious about his money but if he signed a release to film, there may be nothing he can do about it. He did make it pretty clear that "LHHNY" fans shouldn't expect to see much more of him this season if he even makes any more appearances at all.

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