After Donald Trump was able to pull off the major upset and become the new president-elect, millions of Americans were left stunned at the election results. While Trump and company are ready to move into the White House, many big name celebrities are refusing to take part in the celebration.

Bristol defends Trump

At the start of 2016, former half-term Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin became one of the first high-profiled names to publicly endorse Donald Trump for president. Palin became such a strong advocate for Trump that her name would end up on the short lost to join the Republican ticket as vice president.

Campaigning on and off in the final days of the election, Palin and her family were thrilled with the outcome as expressed across various social media platforms. With Trump's inauguration celebration less than a month a way, the president-elect has had a difficult time booking people to perform. As seen on her official Facebook page on December 29, Palin's daughter, Bristol Palin, is speaking out.

"Isn't it amazing how 'not cool' it is to be conservative in the public eye?," Bristol Palin wrote.

Continuing, the former "Dancing with the Stars" contestant didn't hold back her thoughts. "Either Hollywood is that far off - or we have so many sissies we have in the spot light too scared to stand for what they believe in!" Palin wrote.

In addition to her statement referring to those boycotting the inauguration as "sissies," Bristol Palin attached an article she put together for her blog, using openly gay singer Elton John as the cover image.

Palin received praise on her Facebook page from fans, but backlash also followed on some left-leaning news outlets. The younger Palin has since set her Facebook post to private, but her Twitter post with the link to her article is still made public.

Moving forward

Despite the celebrity backlash, Donald Trump is scheduled to be sworn in as the next president on January 20. While the former host of "The Apprentice" gets ready for Inauguration Day, an estimated 100,000 protesters are planning to hit the streets, which will be attended by filmmaker Michael Moore who is leading the charge in pushing back against Trump.

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