Bristol Palin has been in and out of the headlines since 2008. She is the daughter of Sarah Palin so her name gets tossed around a lot. It was back then that she announced she was unwed and expecting her first child. Her son, Tripp was born and she eventually split from his father, Levi Johnston. It was an awkward situation, and one that she wouldn't learn from at all.

Bristol Palin ends up pregnant and unmarried again

Once again, Bristol Palin found herself pregnant and unmarried. This time was different, though.

Palin had planned to marry Dakota Meyer over Memorial Day weekend in 2015, but called off the wedding just days before the two were to walk down the aisle. That made headlines but it would be her blog post that would stun people even more. Palin announced she was expecting her second child and went on to explain it wasn't what she had planned. Bristol did everything she could to avoid naming Meyer as the father. In fact, fans believe she enjoyed the guessing game with people who were doubting the child was his, even though the two were almost married not too long ago.

As it turned out, Bristol Palin and Dakota Meyer did end up getting married and welcoming a daughter. The two announced their marriage after it had already happened, presumably after some pressure from both sets of parents. Tripp finally got to see his mom married and belong to a family now, with a male as head of the household.

Bristol Palin reveals she has another baby on the way

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Bristol Palin is expecting her third child.

After announcing their marriage this past June and finding out they were expecting their second child together, Palin and Dakota Meyer have had a busy 2016. Going forward, it is unclear if the couple will have more children or if they are done for now. Bristol has not revealed when she is due, other than to mention sometime in the spring. The sex of the baby is unknown as well, though she should be finding that out shortly if she hasn't already.

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