Brandi Glanville isn't seen on the currently airing season of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills." As fans will recall, Glanville was ousted from her full-time role on the Bravo reality television series after she came to blows with Lisa Vanderpump during season five.

Although Glanville did briefly return to the series for a few guest appearances during season six, she will not be featured on season seven and appears to have recently moved on from the series completely. While Glanville will likely always have ties to the cast, whether they are good or bad, she is now focused on a new reality show which will soon air on FOX.

In less than one month, Brandi Glanville will be seen alongside a number of other celebrities, including Lance Bass, Brandi Norwood, Ray J, Cat Cora, Andrew Dice Clay, Naomi Judd and Curtis Stone in "My Kitchen Rules." As the reality star and mother of two recently revealed on her Twitter page, the upcoming series is set to premiere on FOX on January 12. In a sneak peek at the series, Glanville is seen confronting Ray J about his sex tape with Kim Kardashian -- and revealing that she's seen it.

Brandi Glanville joined 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' during season two

Brandi Glanville was brought to the cast of "The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" by her former friend Adrienne Maloof, whom she later had a massive falling out with after revealing shocking information about her personal life to her co-stars.

While Bravo TV chose to keep the comment off the show, what Glanville had said made waves and Maloof ultimately left the show.

Following a dramatic debut during season two, Glanville was upgraded from a friend role on the show to a full-time housewives role. However, after she began to feud, sometimes physically, with nearly all of her co-stars, she lost her full-time role.

While Glanville continues to stay close to Kim Richards, they don't appear to see each other all that much, and her ties to Richards don't seem to be enough to keep her on the show.

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