Remember little Cindy Brady who talked with that cute lisp on "The Brady Bunch" show back in the 70's? Well, Susan Olsen is all grown up now and recently her words turned into a homophobic rant, which wasn't considered cute at all. Because of this she was fired from her job as a radio talk-show host.

Cindy Brady not 'cute' here!

An announcement on Friday revealed that LA Talk Radio has severed all ties with the former "Brady Bunch" star, reports Fox News. This announcement came after Olsen got into a heated confrontation with an actor who is openly gay.

Her online rant about Leon Acord-Whiting has come back to bite her hard - hard enough for her to lose her job.

Threw first verbal punch

Acord-Whiting was a guest on the show that Olsen co-hosts for LA Talk Radio, "Two Chicks Talkin' Politics." The two got into a heated argument over the president-elect, Donald Trump. Olsen is a die-hard Trump supporter and Acord-Whiting is not. After Acord-Whiting appeared on the show, he took to Facebook and posted disparaging remarks regarding Olsen, calling her "dangerous and unprofessional." Olsen co-hosts this show with Sheena Metal.

You can see Accord-Whiting's post below.

Olsen fires back, but crudeness gets her canned

The post was an attack on Olsen personally, so you can understand why she might get her gander up. But, she probably could have handled this a bit more diplomatically before letting a vulgar response rip. Olsen is a public personality via her talk show, so she represents this station.

Olsen fired back and as the Vulture suggests, her response "only proved Acord-Whiting's point." She called him a "little p*ssy" and she didn't stop there.

Not only was her post considered homophobic with that "little p*ssy" comment, it was full of vulgarity. LA Talk Radio jumped online immediately and sent their own statement out to the masses that they've severed ties with Olsen. They also wrote how they don't tolerate this type of "hateful speech" and conveyed how they pride themselves in having a close relationship with the LGBT community.

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