It's no secret that "Star Wars" has furthered its world with "Rogue One," a standalone story that has nothing to do with the Skywalker family. The film will feature the familiar faces of Genevieve O'Reilly (Mon Mothma) and Jimmy Smits (Princess Leia's adoptive father, Bail Organa). The events take place between "Episode III: Revenge of the Sith," and "Episode IV: A New Hope," filling the gap and following the story of Jyn Erso whose father is Galen Erso (one of the very ones behind the first Death Star).

To pull from the success of the previous "Star Wars" film, and the hopeful success of "Rogue One," Disney has decided to release several books. From memoirs to art books, "Star Wars" is everywhere in the literature world.

A 'Star Wars' memoir and other books

Carrie Fisher, famously known as Princess Leia, is also known for her work as an author. Prior titles include "Postcards from the Edge," "Wishful Thinking," and "Shockaholic." She recently published a memoir this past November which follows her time on the set of "Star Wars." "The Princess Diarist" has written accounts from the diary she kept during shooting.

The memoir will feature how it felt to be a nineteen-year-old thrown into the spotlight as Princess Leia, as well as her relationship with Han Solo himself, Harrison Ford. Amazon describes the memoir as an "intimate and revealing recollection of what happened on one of the most famous film sets of all time - and what developed behind the scenes."

Two dozen books for the "Star Wars" world have been published.

James Luceno's novel "Catalyst" follows the events that lead up to "Rogue One," focusing on the Erso family and how Jyn's father got involved in the first Death Star. If you're wanting some background prior to the film, this novel fills in gaps. It falls between "Episode II" and "Episode III" of the films. Other novels to look for are "Aftermath: Life Debt" by Chuck Wendig and "Bloodline" by Claudia Gray.

If you're looking for something on the artistic side, try "Star Wars Art: Ralph McQuarrie." For those who don't know, Ralph McQuarrie is the man largely responisble for several character appearances, including C3PO.

Planned 'Star Wars' films ahead

The heavy release of literature hasn't deterred the ongoing productions of films. Back in July 2016, Rian Johnson (writer/director of "Star Wars: Episode VIII"), announced that production for the next Skywalker-oriented film had ended. The film is slated for a December 15, 2017 release. An "Episode IX" is planned, but no further details have been shared.

There will also be a film revolving around a young Han Solo, set to hit the box office on May 25, 2018, but seeing how that's a long way from now, there's a chance this date could change.

If you need something to fill the gap between films, "Star Wars Rebels" is a cartoon that airs on Disney XD, returning with new episodes on January 7, 2017. If you're looking for a gift for a friend or relative who happens to be a fanatic (or you're a fanatic), there's plenty of books, merchandise, and media to find.

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