In the Indian state of Haryana, boys were preferred to girls, and most girls were not allowed to participate in sports. One man, however, had different ideas. He trained two of his 4 daughters to wrestle by initially pitting them against boys. Encouraged by their performance he coached them to become world class wrestlers. The film "Dangal" is the real story, which is depicted on the screen with Amir Khan playing the role of the ex-wrestler who trained his daughters. The film brings out the inherent bias in Indian society against women taking part in such sports and the film beautifully shows that with dedication, the word impossible does not exist.

The film is anchored by Amir Khan and he gives a stupendous performance and one is gripped to the edge of the chair as the movie unfolds. For the record, both the girls were gold medalists at the Commonwealth games in 2012.

Amir Khan

"Dangal" is the Indian word for freestyle wrestling and Amir Khan added 20 kilos to his body weight to emulate the role of the aging wrestler who trained his daughters. The film has slick editing and direction and ignites patriotic fervor. It's also a blow for the emancipation of women. Both the sister roles are played by Sakshi Tanwa and Fatima Sana Shiek. They put in excellent performances as wrestlers and have worked hard to make the scenes look realistic. One of the girls is a Muslim while the other is a Hindu.

One wonders whether any symbolism is involved in this selection. Hats off to Amir Khan for having thought of this simple point to integrate people.

A hit

The film will invariably be compared with Salma Khan's "Sultan," another film with a wrestling theme. But "Dangal" is way ahead as it carries a social message.

It is also slickly directed by Nitesh Tiwari. The film shows that Bollywood has come of age and rivals Hollywood in many aspects. One can recollect the "Rocky" series when one sees films like "Dangal." The film is a hit at the box office and has been appreciated by critics and the general public.

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