Bollywood has very few Christian actresses. In fact, for decades there was no Christian actresses, as the screen was dominated by Muslim and Hindu stars with an occasional Parsi. Things began to change during the last decade, and many Christian girls have made it to stardom. The biggest name is Amy Jackson from England, who starred in many blockbuster movies. Not far behind is Jacqueline Fernandez, a girl whose parents reside in Australia (though she hails from Sri Lanka). Jacqueline will celebrate Christmas this year at her home place in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka.

At Colombo, she will be joined by her parents who reside in Australia. It will be a quiet celebration with her family away from the glamor world of Bollywood.

Jacqueline celebrates

Jacqueline, who was a fashion model, was cast by Mahesh Bhat in one of his movies. Most of the actresses cast by Bhat are one film wonders, but Jacqueline is the exception. She has gone from success to success, and though not at the top, the star has done reasonably well to make her mark.

Jacqueline (who is presently in Mumbai) will fly to her home country on December 23rd.

She will be back in Mumbai for the New Year bash. At Colombo, she will have a family get-together with her parents. She is the first girl from Sri Lanka to have made it to the top rungs of the ladder in Bollywood. She is known as the star of the film "Dishoom" which was a hit. She brings a freshness and care-free attitude to the Mumbai screen, and one can see her in a variety of exotic dresses -- including a bikini.

With parents

While in Mumbai, the actress sent out Christmas gift hampers to all her friends and stars, as well as her producers and directors. It's not often you have a Christian actress in Bollywood, and Jacqueline (for that reason) is a standout. As per reports, she personally selected the items for her gift hampers.

Jacqueline has steered clear of controversy and the gossip magazines have not been able to pinpoint any boyfriend.

Either way, this Christmas will be a family affair for her.

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