The Kardashian is a name affiliated with past, present and future fortunes, but it is also the last name of Rob Kardashian who is about to marry Blac Chyna. The Kardashian sisters are worried about Blac Chyna profiting off the name and because of this, they've filed legal papers to stop her from trademarking her future name.

Trademarking her future name?

The lawsuit emerged only after Blac Chyna, whose birth name is Angela Renee White, took the step of trademarking her future name, Angela Renee Kardashian, reports the New York Daily News.

It was her bid to get her future name trademarked that put the Kardashian sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney into action with concerns of Blac Chyna's future use of the family name for profit.


According to Blac Chyna's lawyer, Walter Mosley, she filed for this trademark back in May as a precaution or a "protective measure." The bride-to-be doesn't have any plans on using this name anytime soon. Chyna and Rob might consider doing something in the future along the lines of what Khloe and Lamar Odom did when they marketed a perfume as a couple.

This was an example given for her need of a trademark because this is something Chyna and Rob might consider doing in the future.

Sisters see an attempt to profit

The Kardashian sisters fought back by filing their lawsuit on December 1, claiming Blac Chyna is "deliberately seeking to profit from the goodwill and popularity" of their family name. The sisters' take on this is simple; if Chyna gets that trademark it would be confusing to future consumers.

It could also "deceive" future customers and work against the "reputation" of the the sisters and in turn cause "irreparable injury."

Kris Jenner steps in

Just recently Kris Jenner, the mother of Kim, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob Kardashian, who also plays the role of the manager of these famous individuals, said she would fix this. She reportedly said the opposition to the trademark would stop, but that hasn't happened yet, according to Blac Chyna's lawyer.

Mosley said that he hasn't heard a word from the Kardashian clan to say that this case is over. The sisters are very present on social media and they haven't mentioned anything about calling off this case on their sites. The 29-year-old groom-to-be is the only son out of the Kardashian brood. Rob, is engaged to Chyna, 28, and the couple recently welcomed Dream Kardashian into this world, their newborn daughter.

Ironically if this happened a century ago, it would be Rob who would be the only legal Kardashian name holder. His sisters are married, or have been married, and even his mother is a Jenner from a second marriage.

The Kardashian name would rightfully belong to Rob, his wife and children and no one else!

Kardashian sisters will not call off suit

An update on Saturday from TMZ claims the sisters are not backing off and they will not let Blac Chyna profit off the family name with a trademark. This report said the sisters are adamant and nothing, including their mother or Chyna's marriage to their brother, will stop them from blocking Chyna's trademark attempt.

It's just business!

The Kardashian sisters are calling this nothing but a business move and it's not a personal case against their future sister-in-law.

According to TMZ the sisters feel that the Kardashian brand will become "diluted" by adding another "woman to the rooster." The sisters feel it is a bit odd that this trademark idea didn't occur to Chyna before, back when she was with Tyga. She never moved to trademark her name with the famous rapper.

Despite legal battle, all is just ducky!

While many might find the next bit of news a little hard to swallow, reports have the Kardashian clan and Blac Chyna getting along famously despite this legal obstacle placed in her way. The Kardashian women feel they've worked long and hard for the Kardashian brand and they are not about to let anyone sashay in and use it at their leisure.

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