Motherhood agrees with Blac Chyna by the look of things. After putting on over 80 pounds in pregnancy with baby Dream Kardashian, the reality TV star boasted a 23-lb post-baby weight loss. Rob Kardashian's girlfriend professes big body love for her still-overweight body. The "Rob & Chyna" star posed for a series of photos that exude body confidence. Chyna's big body love struck a resounding chord with women trying to beat obesity, especially those pressured to lose weight fast after giving birth.

Blac Chyna confident with still-obese body

The proud "Keeping up with the Kardashians" reality show parents are delighted with baby Dream Kardashian.

Judging by the smiling photos, the baby mama doesn't seem to be dealing with any postpartum depression. She's also not kowtowing to pressure to lose baby weight in any rushed time frame. She did share that she lost 23 pounds, roughly what a new mom sheds after birthing the baby plus a little. The reality TV mom is unconcerned that she's still over 60 pounds overweight. In fact, she loves her bigger breasts and booty! But those aren't necessarily pregnancy related.

Butt implants, boob job give Blac Chyna new look

Chyna was supermodel thin before she started dating Tyga (who's now with Kylie Jenner). But "KUWTK" seems to have given Chyna body image issues. She's been keeping up with the Kardashians on plastic surgery, undergoing massive breast implant surgery and butt implants that rival Khloe Kardashian and booty queen Kim Kardashian.

Chyna's impressive cleavage is down to breast augmentation as much as breastfeeding or pregnancy.

Blac Chyna loves her big butt, but not Rob's?

Before she got pregnant, the stripper was something of a fitness and weight loss guru. Rob and Chyna sometimes fell out over it. She famously gave her baby daddy grief about his plus-size, even though her own pregnancy weight gain was nearly three times the obstetrician recommended amount.

Now Chyna has switched gears and is all about big body love. She isn't in a hurry to shed the pounds. Has baby Dream helped the reality television star develop some empathy with weight?

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