For nearly a year and a half during his campaign, Donald Trump was constantly criticized for his controversial use of Twitter. Despite the backlash, Trump was able to win the election, even if liberal critics like Bill Maher are continuing to push back.

Maher on Trump

After it was official that Donald Trump was the new president-elect, many wondered how he would use his social media accounts in the future. A week after the election, Trump sat down for an interview with CBS' "60 Minutes" and vowed to be "very restrained" on social media from that point on. However, despite his promise, Trump has only increased his use of Twitter, often picking questionable targets in the process.

One of Trump's biggest critics is Bill Maher, who gave his thoughts on the billionaire real state mogul's Twitter use during a recent interview with ATTN, as reported on December 28.

"It's insane that he just can't let anything go," Bill Maher said of Donald Trump and his Twitter habit, with ATTN pointing out that the president-elect "insults someone on Twitter every 42 hours." Maher went on to cite how Trump had his Twitter account taken away by his campaign in the final days of the election out of fear he might say something that could cost him a win. "Like a toddler," Maher said, before noting, "They took it away, and then when he was good, they gave it back to him."

"The Twitter itself doesn't matter," Bill Maher said, noting, "What matters is the instinct to always have to retaliate to anybody." The host of "Real Time with Bill Maher" went on to give a list of people that Trump has insulted on social media, including, but not limited to, Miss Venezuela, Judge Gonzalo P.

Curiel for being of Mexican descent, union leader Chuck Jones, and Khizr Khan, the Gold Star father of an Muslim-American solider. "Every time he got into trouble he doubled down and didn't apologize," Maher said, while adding that the more Trump was "being awful," the more his supporters were happy about it.

Moving forward

Despite the criticism, Donald Trump is still scheduled to be sworn in as the next president on Inauguration Day. Ironically, the date of the event is January 20, which is also the season premiere of "Real Time with Bill Maher," as well as Bill Maher's birthday.

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