Like a lot of liberals, Bill Maher sided with Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primary. Once it was clear that Hillary Clinton was headed to the general election, Maher jumped on her bandwagon, but doesn't care to see much of her her moving forward

Maher on Hillary

Ever since Donald Trump announced his campaign for president in the summer of 2015, host of HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," Bill Maher, has been one of the loudest voices in his opposition. Whether it's on his hit TV talk show, during an late-night interview, or on social media, Maher made it a point to highlight the apparent absurdity of electing the former host of "The Apprentice" as the 45th President of the United States.

Since her election defeat, Hillary Clinton has kept herself mostly private, but decided to open up while speaking on Capitol Hill on Thursday. As seen on his offical Twitter account on December 9, Maher has seen and heard enough of the former Democratic presidential nominee.

"Seeing Hillary speaking yesterday: Thank you, and Bill, for over 30 yrs of service," Bill Maher tweet, but not before he added, "And now I never want to see either one of you ever again." For over 30 years, Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have been a driving force in the Democratic Party.

With Bill as the former commander in chief, and Hillary serving as First Lady, a senator from New York, and as Secretary of State during the first term of President Obama, some on the left believe that time has finally run its course.

One of the biggest fights among Democrats is who should lead the party into the future. Half appear to be comfortable with sticking with leaders that have been around for some time, and carry with them experience.

Others have a different view point, and have called for new blood to change the direction of the party's policies and principals. After Bill Maher's tweet, it's safe to say where he stands on that issue, and is expected to elaborate during the season premier of "Real Time with Bill Maher" on January 20.

Instant backlash

Just minutes after he sent out his tweet, Bill Maher received backlash from Clinton supporters who were not happy with his comments.

"Easy for you to say straight white male. Some of us with pu**y's are still heartbroken and need to heal," one female Twitter user wrote.

Another Twitter user accused the liberal comedian of supporting Trump because of his comments about Clinton, writing, "embracing Trump so soon?" Others continued to pile on, with one tweet reading, "That's unappreciative of everything they've done."

Next up

While Democrats regroup after a heartbreaking election defeat, Donald Trump is getting ready to be sworn in as the next leader of the free world.

With control of both houses in Congress, as well as the White House, Democrats will be scrambling to find solutions before the GOP gets too far ahead.

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