Beyonce boasted Christmas trees and breasts in a selfie holiday video and which do you think got the most notice? Queen Bey bared all her evergreen decorations and most all of her front side to show off her holiday spirit. Hello Giggles raved over Beyonce's barely-there dress but it irked many fans that the R&B goddess would flaunt boobs in front of the Yule tree collection.

Beyonce and the battle of the Christmas trees

The words "unclassy", "inappropriate" and "trashy" were also used to describe the pop star's holiday video. Criticisms were leveled against Beyonce's "pathetic" need for attention.

Folks found it ironic that the singer used Christmas trees to showcase her body and suggested that giving the breasts center stage stole the real meaning of Christmas. Some remarked that her "boobs" were fake anyway. It seems to be common to juxtapose one's breast-implants with Christmas decorations. Mariah Carey shared her surgically-enhanced Christmas voluptuousness on the "Mariah's World" reality TV show. Kim Kardashian posed her body, lush with plastic surgery, amid lavish holiday decor.

"All I want for Christmas is" Beyonce?

Interestingly, Mariah Carey was faulted for pushing her chest in front of her children in a selfie with Beyonce. Carey was fresh from a Christmas performance and her halls were decked in a spangly almost non-existent top.

The Cannon kids Moroccan and Monroe, Bey and daughter Blue Ivy attended. The usually jealous Mariah gushed that the pop icon came. However, her tiny spaghetti straps, apparently Scotch-taped to nipples gave the impression that Mariah's breasts were the biggest stars in the room and eclipsed even Bey and the kids.

Beyonce was praised for her mommy-friendly outfit compared to Carey's get-up.

Beyonce's Christmas dress pronounced "tacky"

If Beyonce's attire is "classless" why is it only mentioned at Christmas? Celebrities, especially musicians, have a pretty standard performance attire. If the outfits are slinky and lowcut at Christmas, it's because they are all year long.

Nobody seems to mind during ordinary times, so what's the big deal about the holidays? Do people get a little more conservative, prudish and intolerant at Christmas?

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