Television actor Bernard Fox, best known for playing Doctor Bombay in the Sixties sitcom, "Bewitched," has passed away.

The official cause of death was heart-failure

Fox was 89 at the time of his passing. His official cause of death was heart failure, and he passed away at the Valley Presbyterian Hospital in Van Nuys, California. His official date of death was Wednesday, December 14, 2016. Fox’s passing was confirmed by family spokesman Harlan Boll, He is survived by his wife Jacqueline, along with their daughter, Amanda, daughter-in-law, Lisa, and two grandchildren, David-Mitchel and Samantha. Another daughter of Fox’s, Valerie, had previously died in 2006.

Welsh by origin, Fox was the son of stage actors, and had moved to the United States to pursue a Hollywood career in the early Sixties.

Fox may have been television’s most famous warlock

Fox’s most well-known role was that of the humorous warlock character Doctor Bombay in the sitcom Bewitched, which detailed the story of a witch named Samantha, played by Elizabeth Montgomery, married to a mortal. A play on the term “witch-doctor,” Fox’s character of Bombay usually served as the deus ex-machina in the eighteen episodes in which he appeared. Ironically, his first appearance on the show was as a separate character entirely, a villainous witch-hunter named Osgood Rightmire in the 1966 episode “Disappearing Samantha.”

At the time of his death, Fox was believed to have been one of the last surviving members of the adult cast, although he is survived by cast-mate Erin Murphy, who played the child witch Tabitha on the show.

Despite popular belief, this only holds true to the main cast, not to recurring cast members, as he is also survived by Nancy Kovack, who played Samantha’s rival Sheila Sommers, and Bernie Kopell, who played a similar character to Bombay called the Apothecary, among other characters.

The character had a life of its own of sorts, as Fox had reprised the role in the show’s short-lived spin-off "Tabitha" and the supernaturally-themed soap opera "Passions," with appearances as late as 2000.

In a parody of his famous role, Fox also appeared as a genie doctor called “Dr. Jinga-Janga” in the children’s series, "Pee-wee's Playhouse."

Fox was also known for playing Col. Crittendon on "Hogan's Heroes." In addition to his television work, Fox also appeared in such well-known films as "The Mummy" and "Titanic."

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