For some, Christmas is a day to get family together over eggnog and presents. For others, it's a day to forget about the pressure of seeing loved ones by going to the Movies. 2016 presents no shortage of options for those who fall in the latter category. These are the best movies to see on Christmas Day this year.

4. 'Collateral Beauty'

If one hasn't done enough crying in 2016, a trip to the movies to see "Collateral Beauty" should make you run home and hug your family on Christmas. Will Smith plays a disconsolate father who loses his child, and in turn, seemingly his will to live.

His friends and letters to different emotions (think "A Christmas Carol") will have to work to restore his faith in humanity and the world around him. Somebody bring the Kleenex, because there are going to be a lot of tears flowing in theaters.

3. 'Passengers'

There are several space movies out right now, with this being one of the more intriguing options for Christmas. Two of the hottest stars of 2016, Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence, star in a space mystery that looks both sexy and scary. Everything the two Hollywood stars touch turns to gold, so this film shrouded in secrecy shouldn't be any different.

2. 'Sing'

For the younger crowd going to the movies, "Sing" provides a Christmas story even Ebenezer Scrooge might appreciate in 2016. The animated animals from all walks of life are involved in a talent contest, where their nerves are rattled and families are disappointed, leading to adversity for each character. The movie seems catered to both child and adult audiences, making it the best option for families.

1. 'Rogue One: A Star Wars Story'

The first anthology film in the "Star Wars" universe is a perfect cure at the movies for a tough 2016 Christmas. The film has all the action and memorable characters expected of films in the universe, with an intriguing story and a fun cast of heroes to boot. It'll be easy to lose yourself in the galaxy far, far away, and everyone you know will likely be seeing the movie at some point anyway.

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