The director Ben Affleck explains that he is still working on the solo delivery of "Batman." It seems that Ben Affleck is in no hurry to make the "Batman" movie as the script of the tape is not yet finished. In an interview with The New York Times, during a Facebook Live event, Affleck talked about his career and why he decided to play "Batman" in the DC Universe.

Despite so much back and forth with the script of the new installment of "Batman" and with Bret Easton Ellis coming to reveal information about the possible problems of this, it seems that if you have to trust what Ben Affleck has revealed to Entertainment Weekly there is still no final version.

"I'm still working on the writing. I will not write and direct anything I do not think is good enough to be made. I want to make sure I have something special. There is not enough money in the world to force me to make a mediocre version of Batman," he said.

Catwoman may not be included

On the other hand, everything indicates that the first tape of the actor alone as Bruce Wayne will be released in 2018 without the presence of Selina Kyle.

According to Erik Davis of Fandango, and conveys Comic Book, Sienna Miller is interested in giving life to Catwoman in the film. The actress has recently filmed the movie “Live By Night” and on the set discovered that the character of Selina Kyle is not included in the solo film "Batman," so she has volunteered to give life to this superheroine in case Decide to include it in the script.

In 'Batman' v 'Superman'

The "Dawn of Justice" contains many references to the world of "Batman" but did not include any appearance of Wayne's companion. This generated the speculation that they keep their role to present it well in the "Batman" tape, but now He does not know what will happen to the character.

The same thing happens with Robin, whom we hoped to meet in 2018, a year in which the film is expected to be released, but there is a lot of information that points to the contrary.

While revealing new details on this film in which Ben Affleck not only will be the protagonist but will also act as director.

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