"Basketball Wives LA" Is going to look totally different when the VH1 reality show returns for Season 6. Actually, it might look more like the Miami original. After the Season 5 chaos, "BBWLA" producers decided to mostly wipe the slate clean and start over by removing five of the current cast members and replacing them. That doesn't mean some of our favorite reality TV stars will be gone, though, since VH1 is bringing some of them back for cameos to see how everything goes.

Who is leaving the 'BBWLA' cast?

It's no secret that Shaunie O'Neal hates Brandi Maxiell so it's no surprise that Brandi is on her way out on "Basketball Wives LA." DJ Duffey was also not asked to come back for Season 6 along with Angel Love, Angel Brinks and Malaysia Pargo according to multiple reports.

Apparently the two Angels were just not interesting enough and there's no telling why they chose not to bring back Malaysia, who is friends who Shaunie, Tami and Jackie. When they reported that there will be cameos, clearly they will be with Malaysia and possibly with Angel Love or Angel Brinks. As much as Shaunie hates Brandi and doesn't care for DJ Duffey, there is little hope that fans will see them on "Basketball Wives LA" again.

That only leaves Shaunie O'Neal, Tami Roman and Jackie Christie left out of the Season 5 group to move forward to the next season. It really is starting to feel like the VH1 original "Basketball Wives" in Miami and might even feel more that way because Evelyn Lozada admitted that she has signed on for Season 6 and will be appearing alongside her original cast members.

Evelyn Lozada is joining the cast along with these semi-famous names

Also slated to appear on Season 6 of "Basketball Wives LA" are Keonna Green and Aja Metoyer. For those who don't recognize their names, that would be Nick Young and Dwyane Wade's baby mothers. Nick is reportedly back together with Keonna and was caught creeping with her while he was still engaged to Iggy Azalea and got her pregnant again.

Keonna just gave birth to her second child with Young in October so this should be interesting.

Aja Metoyer is the woman who got pregnant with Dwyane Wade's baby supposedly while he and Gabrielle Union were on a break. Many thought Aja's relationship with Dwyane would end his longtime relationship with Gabrielle but that didn't happen.

Instead, Gabrielle claims that Dwyane told her about the Aja and the baby before they got back together and that she forgave him and accepted his now 3-year old son Xavier. Not to mention that Aja also has a child with Damon Wayans Jr.

Season 6 of "Basketball Wives LA" sounds like it might get pretty messy with all these side chicks turned main chicks and baby mamas. Not to mention Evelyn Lozada, who had huge drama with her ex Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson near the end of her run on the original "Basketball Wives." Do you think the next season will be better or worse than the last?

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