This weekend, Saturday, December 17, 2016 and this Sunday, the 18th of 2016, the event of the jump party in Japan was celebrated, commemorating great animes, and obviously among all these, "Dragon Ball," which of course is one of the top anime's anywhere that consistently ranks high as far as viewing numbers go.

Bad news

"Dragon Ball Super" will be showing without problems until December 25th, in which we will see episode 72, however, episode 73 will be postponed 1 week for New Year's reasons, having a curious change this year, because in 2015 it was at Christmas when there was no episode, and this time it is the ticket to 2017.


But you can see the positive side of this whole thing, they will have a little extra time for the new and incredible saga that has been announced for February, in fact, below we will give you information about some of what was revealed during the Shonen Jump party.

The content of 'Dragon Ball' this year was as follows:

The jump party was presented with a huge mural with all the iconic characters of the anime and manga, and of course, "Dragon Ball" was prominently featured. The incredible new saga was announced, and with this, more for the fans to anticipate and get excited about leading up to the new saga.

The saga of the tournament among the 12 universes.

A new game, in this case "Xenoverse 3."

A new opening theme.

Scheduling the next 5 episodes of "DBS."

Designs of Vegetto, Black, Trunks, Mai, among others exclusives.

New cards, along with much, much more.


This will undoubtedly be a great year for the series, no doubt we will have weeks without episodes, in fact, on average it is estimated that there will be 4 episodes lost per year, this would be the common thing, unless something else unforeseen happens.

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Remember that there are only 2 months to see the possible final saga of "Dragon Ball Super." So, we have to wait a long time for this new saga to begin, in which we can meet all the gods of destruction and their helpers, in addition to the different fighters of each universe.