JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers got engaged last spring on ABC's The Bachelorette and their fans are anxious to get some scoop regarding a wedding date. JoJo and Jordan are living together in Dallas, Texas these days, and she shared a bit of an update recently regarding her plans for the future with her fiance.

Are the 'Bachelorette' stars planning a wedding yet?

Jordan Rodgers and JoJo Fletcher have kept things pretty vague regarding wedding plans up to this point, and it looks like that continues to be the case. “The Bachelorette” stars were just in California to help JoJo's bestie Becca Tilley launch her new blog and YouTube channel, and “Entertainment Tonight” asked for an update on any wedding planning with Jordan.

Fletcher said that she and Rodgers talk about their wedding all the time and have plenty of ideas, but they're just embracing the opportunity to have fun with their engagement for now and have yet to start pinning down any specifics. JoJo says that she and Jordan are “actively talking about what we would want and where” but she insists that they're keeping things light and fun and aren't feeling any pressure or stress over it.

Could Jordan and JoJo's nuptials be televised?

Would “The Bachelorette” stars televise their nuptials? JoJo says that they haven't ruled it out, but they also don't know that they would absolutely go that route. She says that she and Jordan will play it by ear for now and tackle that big question whenever they are at the point of pinning down a date and making actual plans.

Of course, much of that decision will come via ABC and the timing of when a wedding does come together if indeed it ever does.

Jordan and JoJo have been dogged by plenty of rumors throughout their relationship, with supposed insiders and sources claiming that they're faking their relationship and are on the brink of a split.

So far, however, the “Bachelorette” stars remain a united duo and aren't showing any signs of trouble.

Do you think that there will eventually be a “Bachelorette” wedding for JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers?

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