Even the most glittering, most glorious reigns must come to an end. Thankfully, so does the CW’s “Reign,” a TV series that is alleged to be about the early life of Mary Queen of Scots. The series was extremely light on history, story, plot, and intrigue and heavy on melodrama, pretty (and decidedly non-period costumes), mysticism and romance. The character of Mary in the series resembled the real Mary Stuart, a bimbo and religious fanatic with an appalling taste in men and a lack of skill in politics, not at all.

The sad part of the fact that “Reign” ever existed is that its millennial fan base is likely to have a skewed view of 16th Century European history.

For one thing, what ever possessed the show’s developers to hit upon Mary as the subject of episodic drama when they had a far more interesting and attractive character who lived around the same time, Queen Elizabeth 1, the woman who propelled England from a backwater country and set it on the path to empire, while presiding over a flowering of poetry, art, and drama (think Shakespeare). Mary just got chased off her throne and then got her head chopped off. In “Reign” Elizabeth is the heavy, a mean girl who continually tried to take away Mary’s throne.

The real Elizabeth was depicted in the 1970s British miniseries “Elizabeth R” starring the incomparable Glenda Jackson. Elizabeth was tough, smart, and at turns infuriating and enchanting.

For 45 years she outwitting and outfought some of the greatest alpha males of her time in an era where a queen was expected to marry and leave to messy job of ruling a country to her husband while she had babies and did knitting with her ladies in waiting. In short, Elizabeth was the sort of female ruler that Hillary Clinton could only dream of being.

Elizabeth had guys like Donald Trump for lunch and made them like it.

Here’s an idea. How about a spinoff series now that “Reign” is part of history. We can call it “Awesome Reign, ” and it would feature Elizabeth from the time she was dodging the attentions of Thomas Seymour to as long as the network will run the series.

But if someone undertakes such a project, please God have a historian on the writing staff.

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