Well hello there, Dinah Laurel Lance. Its been a minute. “Arrow” closed out its season 5 midseason finale with a series of shockers, but they were all but eclipsed by the return of Katie Cassidy’s slain mask. Let’s be honest, she looks damn good for someone who’s been six-feet under for the better part of six months.

Is Laurel Lance really alive on 'Arrow'?

Resurrection is not out of the realm of possibility for the denizens of Star City – we’ve seen familiar faces rise from the dead in the past and, if luck should have it, we will for years to come.

The sudden nature of Laurel’s sudden reappearance has fans hedging their bets, however, as no one from Team Arrow had that ace up their sleeve.

Is Laurel alive, or is she merely a figment of Oliver’s (Stephen Amell) imagination?

“I guess we’ll have to tune in [for the midseason premiere],” Amell teased following episode 9. “I think you can tell by his face, [Oliver] is like, ‘Oh God, what’s happening?’ Obviously, people don’t just come back from the dead.”

For the archer and his pals, confirming the Black Canary’s identity will be their number one priority (you know, along with saving Diggle and chasing Prometheus).

“There has to be some sort of vetting process to make sure it actually is Laurel because the group has seen some peculiar things,” Amell said. “We delve into that when we come back in the new year.”

Just as long as Laurel doesn’t start telling Oliver to unleash the Philosopher’s Stone -- there are enough specter’s pushing that concept on “The Flash.”

Will the Black Canary hit the streets on ‘Arrow’?

For fans of the original source material, the Black Canary is a prolific figure.

Even if Cassidy’s character is truly dead and buried, her integral role in the comic book world leaves endless opportunities for the Canary Cry to sound once more.

“Forgetting about the show for a second, if you just look at the canon of “Green Arrow,” John Diggle wasn’t actually a character and he is indispensable. Felicity Smoak wasn’t really a character and she’s indispensable,” Amell explained.

“We’ve picked and plucked from various parts of the DC universe but if you’re just getting into the canon of “Green Arrow” the comic book character…the Black Canary is easily the most important feature next to the Green Arrow. Period. Full stop.”

Learn the truth when “Arrow” returns to The CW on Jan. 25.

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