In the saga of Trunks' return from the future, upon meeting the Kaioshin of the universe 10 called Gowasu, many thought he was a bad old man. That was the cause of all the hatred that has in his interior -- his apprentice called Zamasu. But it was only an assumption that was created to give a little more suspense and intrigue to the followers of the ''Dragon Ball Super'' series.

Who is he?

What began as a great environment between the Saiyans and Gowasu eventually turned sour, and led the apprentice Zamasu to begin formulating the framework for what would eventually become his "zero mortals plan." But in fact Gowasu was the only one who told his apprentice that hatred for humanity is something that never ceases to be a creature.


Gowasu attempted to guide his apprentice, to steer him away from such a hateful and destructive path, but, ultimately, that path was not meant to be for Zamasu, as we later see with Goku Black.

At first, Gowasu had managed to give Zamasu all the beauty of human creation. But, upon seeing the Saiyajin Goku, with his supreme skill, fighting ability, and the way he was admired, began to twist Zamasu's mind and eat away at him. His desire to be the most powerful on planet earth led him to execute his plan.

This plan led him to look for the spheres of the dragon in order to obtain an immortal body, after Zarama gave him all the potential and power, he was in charge of looking for the family of Goku. This he did to kill her, and thus, take the final final step -- to possess the body of Goku and make him into Goku Black.

The reason

It is for this reason that today Black Goku is the most fearsome villain of the whole universe and alternative future, obtaining ancestral powers of the gods of each universe.


Because in the alternative line of the future, this one gave death to each one to obtain more energy, and thus to take his plan even further.

For many fans of the series, these events are very atrocious on the part of Zamasu and his creation called Black Goku. Now it is only necessary to see the merging of the two bodies to determine their divine justice.

Note: this is just a hypothesis.