The headline may come as a shock to many film and comedy fans, but Amy Schumer is currently in discussions to play Barbie, the famous Mattel toy, in an upcoming live-action film about the doll. The movie is currently slated to be released sometime around the summer of 2018.

More about the film

There has been an almost endless amount of animated films made about Barbie (and a famous cameo in "Toy Story 3"), but this is the first time the Barbie franchise will go the live-action route, following in the footsteps of many Disney titles. The film will feature the doll living in a world of different Barbies, but not quite fitting in with the rest of the pack.

This will lead to a journey of self-realization about beauty and self-worth.

The film will come from Sony and will espouse feminist values, but it's a little hard to believe Mattel is on board with the premise. Barbie went from being seen as the picturesque doll to a symbol of unrealistic female beauty standards. Mattel has worked to change that perception with new dolls, but it will always exist so long as Barbie exists, and the plot of this live-action film seems to make fun of the very virtues Barbie once extolled.

Amy Schumer

Schumer burst onto the scene with her Comedy Central show "Inside Amy Schumer," which just wrapped up its fourth (and possibly final) season. Her big shot at the silver screen came with the 2015 film "Trainwreck," which was popular with film critics and earned her a Golden Globe nomination.

Lately, she has been touring around the world doing stand-up comedy to hawk her new best-selling memoir.

Schumer is known to be a strong advocate of feminism, which is why the original news surrounding her casting in a Barbie film came as a shock. Some of her jokes come at the expense of self-deprecating herself, which makes her the perfect ironic choice to play a Barbie character.

It's not immediately clear what the rating or audience of the movie will be, but with Schumer a major player, expect it to be catered to adult audiences in a way Barbie ordinarily isn't.

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