American actress and comedian, Amy Schumer, is set to play Barbie in an upcoming live-action family comedy film showcasing the doll’s toy-line franchise.

What do we know about the upcoming project?

According to sources, the plot will revolve around Barbie being kicked out of the fictional “Barbieland,” for being deemed less than perfect, leaving her to venture out into the real world in order to find herself. Reportedly, the movie will be an "imaginative family comedy with heart" and is said to take influence from children’s movies like Disney’s "Enchanted."

Becoming something of a family project, Schumer, who is already signed on to play the doll brought to life, is expected to develop the script with her sister, Kim Caramele.

Added to that, Lauren Abrahams, who is the senior vice president of production, will serve as overseer of the upcoming project.

While Barbie has had previous film spin-offs in the past, this will likely be the first to be released to cinemas, and will also be the first to be filmed in live-action.

Why Schumer is just what Mattel needs

It has been speculated, however, that casting Schumer may help Mattel develop a better image of body confidence awareness. In the past, Mattel faced criticism that the Barbie doll franchise may enforce unrealistic body standards onto children.

Schumer had developed a similar image for herself during an incident with Glamour Magazine earlier this year, which included her in a special plus-size-themed issue.

Schumer released statements that had criticized the magazine for including her, since she was less than the traditional standard for being considered plus-sized, and was setting an unfair standard for women. She also claimed that the publication included her in this promotion without making her aware beforehand.

The magazine later apologized over the incident, claiming that it did not intend to suggest Schumer was plus-size, and that the issue was aimed at women size 12 and up.

Mattel presumably hopes that Schumer, who will both star as the Barbie character and serve as writer of the script, will know how to handle issues over appearance in society in a respectful, thoughtful manner.

Press releases mentioning the plot revolving around Barbie not being thought of as perfect seem to reinforce this message.

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