Amber Portwood will not be appearing on the potential 7th season of "Teen Mom OG." While MTV has yet to officially confirm the series' return, Portwood took to Twitter hours ago to reveal that she was not willing to sign on for another season of the reality show due to the lack of respect behind the scenes.

Two weeks after Portwood and her co-star, Farrah Abraham, were seen partaking in a heated altercation with one another during the series' season six reunion special, Portwood is saying goodbye.

In her statement to fans, Portwood explained that she was sad to reveal that she would not be involved with the show after feeling completely disrespected during recent months.

“Sad to say but I’m not going to be a part of ['Teen Mom OG']," Portwood tweeted last night, December 15. “The way I have been portrayed and treated is unfair."

Amber Portwood sends her love to MTV

After announcing her sudden exit from the show on Thursday evening, Portwood sent her love to the network and explained that if she had been treated in a more appropriate manner, she would have no issue standing in the way of her return.

She also pointed out that even after filming the dramatic events of the season six reunion, she has continued to be disrespected.

According to Portwood, the network has refused to deal with any of the ongoing issues, most of which involve Abraham, and when it comes down to it, she simply does not feel safe to move on from the disputes they have had. That said, Portwood added that if she is ever shown respect from the people she's been working with for the last eight years, she will return to the show.

"I’ve sacrificed a lot for this show,” she added.

Maci Bookout threatened to quit 'Teen Mom OG' during season five

Prior to Amber Portwood's exit from the show, her co-star and friend, Maci Bookout, told producers she was done with the show after discovering Abraham had been brought back to the show. As Bookout explained, she had previously been informed that Abraham would not be featured on season five.

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