There has been a lot of talk this week about “Bachelor in Paradise” stars Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton. The two got engaged during the Season 3 finale and have been living together in California since shortly after filming ended. However, they have been dogged by rumors of trouble in their relationship and just a few days ago gossip guru Reality Steve said they had split, seemingly for good this time. The two are still making it look like they're together, but there definitely seem to be signs of trouble. What's the latest?

The 'Bachelor in Paradise' pair reportedly ended their engagement

Reality Steve recently revealed that his sources told him that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton had split and that he had even moved out of her home and into a hotel.

While this reportedly was not the first time that the “Bachelor in Paradise” stars had broken up, this time apparently it was sounding like there would be no reconciliation.

Interestingly, soon after Reality Steve's blog post, "Entertainment Tonight" shared an interview they did with Josh and Amanda over the weekend at the Jingle Ball party in Los Angeles. The “Bachelor in Paradise” stars talked about how they were enjoying life, loving one another, happy together, and would hopefully pin down a wedding date soon. This sent many fans into something of a flurry, but it may well be worth noting that the Jingle Ball interview took place before the supposed split by a day or two.

Are Amanda and Josh faking things or are they truly together?

For now, Stanton and Murray are making it look as if they are still together and it is possible that they are working on their relationship. As many “Bachelor in Paradise” fans at the Bach and Bachette Fans Forum point out, however, there were signs of problems over the weekend between the two as some social media profile pictures changed and there was some unfollow/refollow activity between Josh and Amanda.

This isn't the first time that's happened, and it would be hard to convince anybody that it wasn't a red flag regarding how the two are doing.

However, Reality Steve says that he stands by his sources. As he points out, Josh did do an interview with then-fiancee Andi Dorfman on the red carpet ahead of Chris Soules' “Bachelor” premiere a couple of years ago saying all was well and then Murray and Dorfman announced their split a couple of days later.

Will clarity emerge from Stanton and Murray?

With Grant Kemp and Lace Morris having just announced their break-up after Thanksgiving, and the holidays approaching, some suspect that Josh and Amanda may try to put up a united front for a while yet about their engagement remaining intact. Or, it may be that Murray and Stanton did hit a rocky patch but are trying to work through it and remain engaged.

Do you think that Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton broke up over the weekend, or are they together and doing fine? Do you think there's any way that this “Bachelor in Paradise” pair can work through their issues and eventually walk down the aisle, or is it time to call it quits once and for all?

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