Not long after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president, his controversial campaign style became the target of comedians. After Alec Baldwin began his portrayal of Trump on "Saturday Night Live," it ignited a feud that continues until present day.

Baldwin responses

Over the last year, Alec Baldwin has received raved reviews from critics for his spot-on performance and impersonation of Donald Trump. From the look, to the voice, to the mannerism, Baldwin has perfected how to play the billionaire real estate mogul. As the show picked up steam and Baldwin was vaulted back in the spotlight, the former host of "The Apprentice" made it a point to criticize the show on his Twitter account.

Trump has referred to "Saturday Night Live" as "unwatchable" and Baldwin as "sad," going as far as calling for the show to be taken off the air just weeks before the election. After reports circulated that Trump was having a difficult time finding talent to perform at his upcoming inauguration ceremony, Baldwin made him an offer, as seen on his offical Twitter account on December 23.

"I wanna perform at Trump's inauguration," Alec Baldwin tweeted out on Friday morning, while adding, "I wanna sing HIGHWAY TO HELL." Baldwin's humorous gesture is in reference to the hit AC/DC song "Highway to Hell." Baldwin's tweet comes less than 12 hours after he ripped the president-elect on Twitter, while predicting that he will only start his downfall on Inauguration Day.

"Inauguration Day means the beginning of the countdown to when he will be gone," Baldwin wrote, while predicting, "he will be gone. January 20. The countdown begins."

Trump trouble

With the exception of the Rockettes dance group, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

Donald Trump has been turned down by nearly everyone who has been invited to perform. From KISS, to Celine Dion, Garth Brooks, and Elton John, some of the biggest celebrities have continued to push back at Trump's election win. In response, Trump lashed out on Twitter on Thursday, accusing the "A list celebrities" of doing "nothing" to help Hillary Clinton during the election, while concluding, "I want the people!

Despite the controversy, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next president on January 20 in Washington, D.C. While Trump is struggling to find celebrities to perform, over 100,000 protests are expected to attend and voice their opposition to the incoming administration.

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