Once Donald Trump announced his campaign for president, it was only a matter of time before he became the butt of the joke on "Saturday Night Live." While actor Alec Baldwin has taken on the role of the president-elect, he's also making a point to get serious when the time calls for it.

Baldwin on Trump

For over a year, Alec Baldwin has played the part of Donald Trump on "Saturday Night Live." While Baldwin's portray of the billionaire real estate mogul has received mostly universal praise, Trump has often expressed his disdain.

Trump made it a habit to offer his criticism of the show, and of Baldwin's impersonation, on a regular basis on Twitter, going as far as calling for "Saturday Night Live" to be taken off the air in the weeks leading up to the election. After Trump released another flurry of controversial tweets on Thursday, Baldwin took to his own Twitter account to voice his opinion on the matter on December 23.

Over a period of 12 hours, Donald Trump used his Twitter account to call for an expansion of United States' nuclear capability, hit back at celebrities refusing to attend his inauguration ceremony, and called out defense contractors Boeing and Lockheed Martin for their future plans to build an F-35 and F-18.

In response, Alec Baldwin released a three-part tweet that targeted the former host of "The Apprentice."

"We are not far from the day when the most reviled candidate in our history will become President, unwanted by a significant majority of voters," Alec Baldwin tweeted.

"A man who has projected little other than an empty braggadocio and synthetic rhetoric about both his qualifications and plans," Baldwin wrote. Not stopping there, the actor then tweeted, "But Inauguration Day means the beginning of the countdown to when he will be gone. And he will be gone." Baldwin concluded his Twitter message by writing, "January 20. The countdown begins."

Moving forward

In just over a month, Donald Trump will be sworn in as the next commander in chief of the United States.

Despite pushback from Alec Baldwin and millions of Americans across the country, Trump will head into the White House as the entire nation gets ready for a dramatic change in direction.

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