Season 6 of “Alaskan Bush People” is scheduled to air on January 4, 2017, and just in time for the new season premiere, Billy Brown and Joshua Brown are making news headlines again. Alaskan court records reportedly show that Brown family patriarch Billy paid $10,000 to the state’s court and that the family’s second-oldest son Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown paid $2,000. Even though the two male members of “Alaskan Bush People” had until January 11 to pay their fines, they decided to make their payments on December 17 -- and before Christmas.

The ‘ABP’ scandal that shocked viewers

Viewers of Discovery Channel’s “Alaskan Bush Peoplereality television show were shocked when an Alaskan Grand Jury indicted the Brown family for fraud back in October of 2014.

The show, which first aired in May 2014, claimed that the Brown “wolf pack” was born and raised wild in Alaska and remote from any civilization.

As “ABP” became famous, viewers from Texas and other states made it known that the Brown family did not originate from Alaska and that they did not permanently stay there. In fact, Billy and his wife Ami were originally from Texas, and even though Discovery Channel claimed the Brown family had always lived in the Alaskan bush, the truth was quite different.

When a judge sentenced Billy Brown and his son Joshua to 30 days in jail because they had lied on their Permanent Fund dividend applications to the state of Alaska in order to receive $27,000, reality and reality television clashed.

The truth behind the ‘ABP’ scandal

In contrast to Discovery Channel, Brown family patriarch Billy never claimed to have always been from the Alaskan bush. In his book, “One Wave at a Time,” Billy describes how he grew up in an affluent family in Texas, how he lost his parents and sister in a private plane crash, and how – after meeting his wife Ami and searching the lower states – decided to give up his plumbing business and find his fortune in Alaska.

Of course, while filming “Alaskan Bush People,” the Brown family played Discovery Channel’s role of a family living in the outback in Alaska. As such, when Alaska had its Permanent Fund Application for permanent residents of Alaska, the Brown family qualified – from a fictitious point of view.

Even though all of the Brown family members were liable for fraud about being permanent residents in Alaska, it was Billy and his second-oldest son Joshua who stepped up and plead guilty in order to spare the other Brown family members.

Quite obviously, the Alaskan judge in charge of the legal scandal of the Brown family allegedly living wild in the Alaskan outback, realized the difference between reality and reality television. In lieu of 30 days in jail, he ordered Billy Brown and Joshua Brown for ankle monitoring. Joshua’s fine of originally $5,000 was reduced to $2,000, and Billy Brown’s payment was set to $10,000.

Season 6 of ‘ABP’

As the Brown family returns to television with new season 6 episodes of “Alaskan Bush People,” fans emphasize that they are not being fooled by Discovery Channel’s description of the Brown family living away from civilization in the Alaskan outback. As the Brown members have always shown – especially in their most shocking scandal -- what matters most about “Alaskan Bush People” is the amazing support that the Brown family members have for each other.

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