Rumors that “Alaskan Bush People” would not return for a season 6 have been circulating continuously during the past weeks. From Billy Brown’s health issues, Matt Brown’s struggles with his drinking problem, and Joshua Bam Bam Brown’s marriage to the show’s producer, Allison Kagan, there were more than enough reasons for Discovery Channel to ax its reality television show. However, despite news headlines that the Brown family’s fake life in the Alaskan wilderness was doomed, fans made it clear that they want “Alaskan Bush People” to return for season 6.

Discovery Channel sets a premiere date for Billy Brown’s return

On Wednesday, December 7, 2016, Discovery Channel is airing an “ABP” marathon from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. featuring the episodes “Shots in the Dark,” “Judgement Day,” “Released to the Wild,” and “Back in Browntown.” The so far untitled 9 p.m. episode is described by Discovery as the Brown family staying in Browntown, bringing old traditions into their new home, and gathering food and materials to put together a perfect Brown family Christmas.

Instead of labeling the 9 p.m. episode on Wednesday night, Discovery Channel is naming the 62-minute episode of the Brown family living in the Alaskan outback as “PREMIERE.” The same Christmas episode is also scheduled to air again at 11 p.m.

A perfect Brown family Christmas for fans

Fans of the Brown family living in the Alaskan outback have been eagerly waiting for season 6, and Wednesday night appears to be an unexpected gift after a long wait. According to Discovery Channel’s description of the premiere episode, the Brown family is gathering food and building materials to create their very own “perfect Christmas” – for themselves and their fans.

Brown family Facebook reports

In regard to the question of whether Matt Brown has returned to the family after his rehab and whether he will be part of “Alaskan Bush People” season 6, Joshua Bam Bam Brown’s fan Facebook page shows Matt together with his family for Thanksgiving celebrations. During the fall months, Matt Brown has been seen in numerous photos near Browntown together with his sisters

As for the return of “Alaskan Bush Peopleseason 6 for Christmas, Matt Brown’s fan Facebook page is expressing cautious hope that Discovery Channel’s premiere on Wednesday is the start of the new season 6 and a new beginning – just in time for Christmas.

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