Discovery Channel has confirmed season 6 of “Alaskan Bush People” for Wednesday, January 4, and while fans are excited about the return of the Brown family to television, they are especially thrilled about Matt Brown’s return. Matt, who had vanished at the end of season 5 due to dealing with drinking problems, is more than just the oldest son of the Brown family. For many fans, Matt Brown symbolizes what “Alaskan Bush People” is all about – the importance of family support while struggling to survive against inner and outer demons.

The beginning of ‘ABP’ and Matt Brown

Billy Brown’s oldest son Matt was only three years old when the “ABP” family patriarch and his wife Ami decided to leave their old life in Texas behind and to seek their fortune in the Alaskan outback.

Joshua, the Brown family’s second-oldest son, was just one year old back then and too young to remember. Matt, however, was old enough to experience the arduous trip via ship to Alaska and to sit on his father’s lap while steering the family’s first boat.

A few years later, it was young Matt Brown’s idea of howling back at the wolves as the Brown family members were surrounded by a wolf pack in the Alaskan wilderness. According to his dad Billy, this is how the family’s nickname “Wolfpack” came into existence.

Matt Brown returns for season 6 of ‘ABP’

When Matt did not return to the Brown family wolf pack in the Alaskan outback at the end of season 5, fans were worried that it was the beginning of the end of the Browns.

Discovery Channel’s delay in announcing the new season of “Alaskan Bush People” during the summer months fostered rumors that Matt Brown would leave his family behind after his rehab, that Joshua pursued a married life with the show’s producer Allison Kagan, and that Billy Brown’s health was too fragile to return to television.

The most recent photos showing Matt and the Brown family members -- stronger than ever in the Alaskan wilderness -- speak more than words can express.

New ‘ABP’ season 6 spoilers

The new season of “Alaskan Bush People” is about coming back stronger than ever after overcoming inner and outer challenges.

While Matt’s return from rehab emphasizes the importance of family support, Browntown is being rebuilt better and stronger than before after wild Alaskan bears had destroyed the Brown family homestead during the last season.

As the Brown family patriarch says in the season 6 sneak peek trailer, “this year is all about a self-sustaining homestead.” Billy Brown’s son Bear, who can be seen running away from bears, emphasizes that life in the Alaskan wilderness is never without any challenges. "This is what living wild in the bush is all about," he says in the season 6 trailer.

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