The "Alaskan Bush People" will air a Christmas special tonight, "A Browntown Christmas," which will be a new episode for this reality show. To add even more confusion, when the December 7th "Alaskan Bush People" special hits the screen tonight, it is not necessarily the start of a new season. This is a show that has too much mystery behind its fate considering there is still no official word on whether the show is cancelled or not.


What to expect?

The Inquisitr reports that following a marathon of favorite episodes of the "Alaskan Bush People" tonight, a new Christmas special will air. The marathon is on from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. with episodes that include "Shots in the Dark, " Released in the Wild," "Back in Browntown" and "Judgement Day." Then at 9 p.m., the Discovery Channel will air "A Browntown Christmas."

The special, which is an hour long from 9 p.m.


to 10 p.m., is described as the Brown Family bringing Christmas to Browntown this year. The Discovery Channel talks about how in previous years, the Brown brood used Christmas to "reconnect with extended family." That is not what this Christmas brings for Billy, Ami and their wolf pack this year.

Hunting and gathering for a Browntown Christmas?

It sounds like everything they need for "A Browntown Christmas" has been either shipped in or gathered from the rural surroundings to make this Christmas special. The "Alaskan Bush People" will be breaking bread together while staying at their makeshift town deep in the Alaskan bush.

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Canceled or not?

At the same time the Discovery Channel announced the "Alaskan Bush People" Christmas special, the Aussie News is suggesting the reality show might be canceled because of the drastic drop in ratings. But...why wouldn't the Discovery Channel just come out and say whether the show is canceled or not?

Is marathon and Christmas special a test?

It could be that this Christmas special airing tonight is more than just "A Browntown Christmas" for the Discovery Channel.

This special might be a tool to gauge just how much interest is left in the show. Will the fans flock back to get a glimpse of the Brown family after all this time of waiting for news of a new season?

It would make sense to offer up a marathon and a special as the grand finale to make sure the viewers are still out there. Why film an entire new season if they've lost a good portion of their fans? As the Aussie News suggests, many sources have indicated that a new season of the " Alaskan Bush People" is filming, but the Discovery Channel has yet to make an official announcement.


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