The "Alaskan Bush People" and all the Browns are officially coming back and their new season begins in a few weeks. The Discovery Channel certainly took enough time when it came to releasing this news on the Brown's reality show, but it's out of the bag now! Billy and Ami Brown will return to the wilderness with their seven, count them... all seven, grown children and yes, this includes Matt Brown.

New season theme?

So what's the theme spinning around this new season? That would be the Brown family will struggle to stay together no matter what comes their way.

The 2017 season of the "Alaskan Bush People" will air the first week in January. Matt's time in rehab was a success and he has returned to the family. This was one of the big questions at the end of last season after Matt was shipped off to rehab.

Running upstream

Many were concerned that he would leave the family and start a life in suburbia, but he's back in the bosom of the Brown brood. The trailer was recently released and it is in typical Browntown fashion. You see Bear running up a stream and he pipes in with "This is what living wild in the bush is all about."

Browntown cleans up nicely

Browntown is looking spiffy these days with many improvements.

The Brown's still continue the battle to live off the land, which is much harder than it looks. Another hint thrown out about what to expect with this new season centers on the Brown Boys. People Magazine reports the Brown boys are continuing "their search for love." Fans of the show have witnessed what this looks like in previous seasons. It can be awkward at times!

Outhouses rule and moo is the word!

It is going to take a few special ladies to live among the "Alaskan Bush People" in the wild if they want to become spouses of the Brown boys! There's no running water, no electricity and outhouses are the closest thing to any of today's modern amenities harbored in their Browntown homes! There's a new addition to the family clan this season. That would be a cow named Sabrina, according to the Inquisitr.

They are also adding some small farm animals to their Browntown home.

Tune into them January 4, 2017 for an all new episode of the "Alaskan Bush People" at 9 p.m. EST.

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