In shocking news, Alan Thicke has passed away at the age of 69. This reality star has a huge fanbase that are shocked to hear the news. TMZ reported it today, and the story is just now coming out. His show "Unusually Thicke" is about Alan and his wife with his son Carter and his wife, Tanya. Robin even shows up from time to time on the show.

What happened to Alan Thicke?

Reports are that Thicke was out playing hockey with his son Carter, who is just 19-years-old when he suffered from a heart attack. Alan was taken to Providence St. Joseph's Medical Center around noon and was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The news didn't break for hours after it happened today.

He was famous for his role as Mike Seaver, the dad on the '80s sitcom "Growing Pains." Since then, Alan Thicke has been on several shows including "Fuller House," which airs on Netflix. Thicke Ahas hosted several game shows over the years. He was also a very famous songwriter and wrote the theme songs for "Diff'rent Strokes," "Wheel of Fortune" as well as "Growing Pains." He did several commercials and other things over the years.

If you watched his show, "Unusually Thicke" you would know that Alan was still very active. He was always doing things with his son Carter, playing pranks on people and still working hard. He had the theme song of "Growing Pains" as his ringtone on his cellphone on the show.

It was obvious that Alan was very proud of his time on the show and wanted everyone to remember him from it.

Alan is survived by his three sons Robin, Brennan, and Carter. He was married to Tanya Thicke, and the two seemed very happy together. Everyone is shocked by the loss of Alan Thicke and sending their best wishes to the family at their time of need.

The family is not speaking out yet about the loss of Alan.

At this time, the story is still developing. If Alan Thicke had any health problem, then his family has not shared what was going on him with him. Alan was 69-years-old, but still seemed to be very healthy. Thicke will be greatly missed by many.

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