Given the nature of shows like “Agents of SHIELD,” where the bulk of the action is centered around a group of spies, the audience always finds it difficult to trust new additions to the cast. Such has been the case with Jason O’Mara as the new director of SHIELD, Jeffrey Mace. A character with comic book history, he got a new spin for the series, and in just a few short weeks, the audience will finally get to know more about him.

Jeffrey Mace is 'The Patriot'

Episode 4x10 is, fittingly, titled “The Patriot,” which also happened to be the alias for Mace’s comic book counterpart. In the comics, he took on the title after being inspired by Captain America to fight the good fight during World War II.

While Mace has been called a patriot on the show already, it’s never been given to him as a codename or anything like that. It’s likely that the title is not only paying homage to his comic book roots, but hinting at the reveal for just what happened surrounding the events that made him a hero to America.

We already know that Mace saved someone’s life during the bombing at the UN that occurred during the events of “Captain America: Civil War” as he spoke about it during an earlier episode this season. We also know that he’s hiding something, as Jemma Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) also attempted to blackmail him with her knowledge of his lying in the same episode.

What we don’t know is what that big secret is.

Someone will discover Mace’s secret

Though ABC hasn’t yet released their official episode summary, what we can tell you is that at least two members of the SHIELD team will discover that Mace is hiding something big - and it won’t be Simmons, whom he has had the most friction with so far this season.

Instead, it’s Coulson (Clark Gregg) and Mack (Henry Simmons) who will discover his secret, and whatever it is they discover about their new director, it leaves SHIELD “in a dangerous position.”

What is Mace hiding?

And how many more members of the team will be let in on the secret? Some audience members have theorized that the new director didn’t actually save anyone, while others have speculated that he isn’t Inhuman after all, but received his abilities through an experimental serum, much like Captain America or Luke Cage.

You’ve got just over three weeks to speculate. “The Patriot” will air January 17 at 10PM on ABC.

Adrian Pasdar returns

Appearing in the episode, and possibly indicating just how big this secret is, is Adrian Pasdar as General Talbot. The General has been SHIELD’s liaison to the government since season two, but he hasn’t yet appeared on the series in season four. With SHIELD again being a government-run organization in season four, unlike the previous two seasons, there hasn’t been a need for Talbot to appear. Does his appearance have to do with Mace’s secret?

Not listed as a guest star in the episode is Natalia Cordova-Buckley as Elena, though she’ll have a role to play in the midseason premiere, “Broken Promises.”

Agents of SHIELD” returns with all new episodes on January 10.

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