Who remembers when TV series had episodes themed around Christmas, Hanukkah, New Year’s, and more in December? Networks wanted to grab some of the audience from holiday specials, but now, a show deciding to have a Christmas tree or menorah on camera happens less and less. Even genre shows used to get in on the action. If “Agents of SHIELD” decided to do it, it could really show audiences a good time.

It’s a wonderful SHIELD

Many shows have tackled “It’s a Wonderful Life,” showing the main character what their fictional world would look like if they weren’t in it. For “Agents of SHIELD,” where Daisy (Chloe Bennet) has had such guilt weighing on her for the last two seasons, she would be a great spotlight character.

Picture Daisy in some sort of action sequence where nearly the entire team is compromised, or she finds herself, yet again, feeling responsible for everyone’s bad luck. The old 90s cliche of a bump to the head could be enough to have her dreaming of what SHIELD would have been like if she’d never been involved with the organization - or maybe a new Inhuman could have the ability to show her that alternate reality instead of a guardian angel.

What would we see? Probably Fitz (Iain de Caestecker) and Simmons (Elizabeth Henstridge) split up as a result of a Hydra takeover and Coulson (Clark Gregg) leading a group of different agents in an underground resistance. Grant Ward (Brett Dalton) would probably still be alive and leading his own Hydra unit, and May (Ming-Na Wen) would be even more closed off than ever.

It would be a great opportunity to showcase characters the show has lost and see how Daisy has contributed to the relationships around her, not just the team’s takedown of bad guys.

A seven-day miracle

The miracle doesn’t have actually to last seven days, but the analogy works better if it does. SHIELD has frequently had to demonstrate its faith, but in its members, not in a greater being.

The show rarely touches on themes like faith in the abstract, though it did a bit in season three as it examined fate and glimpses of the future.

The best part of this one would be conversations about Judaism itself; audience members have been speculating if any of the characters are Jewish since the first season, more after Fitz demonstrated that he knows at least a few Hebrew words in season three.

Characters being Jewish on television tend to fall into two camps: the heavy stereotypes or the throwaway line about dreidels during the holiday programming blocks.

It would be great to have this be a test of Fitz’s faith. Fitz has nearly unwavering faith in science and the people he trusts, but not in anything else. What if he had to put his trust in a more abstract or religious notion?

Happy New Year

When a television episode is themed around New Year’s Eve, there’s usually drinking, trying to get into the best party, and plenty of hook-ups. With “Agents of SHIELD” concerned with saving the world, those things don’t usually take the spotlight in an average episode. Because of that, a “traditional” New Year’s Eve episode wouldn’t be right.

What would be interesting would be seeing the base get to know something like Chinese New Year, something Agent May likely celebrates with her family, and something Daisy probably never had the chance to learn about growing up without hers. It’s the kind of celebration that could brighten up an episode of the series, which usually likes to keep its agents in the dark.

Chinese New Year isn’t something audiences see a lot of on television when the bulk of the cast is American or British, but with “Agents of SHIELD” embracing its diversity, it would actually be a good candidate to showcase some of the customs involved in holiday celebrations all over the world. Who wouldn’t want to see the team compare traditions or recount SHIELD Academy holiday exploits here?

Instead of a holiday-themed episode, “Agents of SHIELD” has a few weeks off. We can all imagine what might have been before it returns on January 10.

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