Robbie Reyes might have found his way out of that alternate dimension in last week’s episode, but that doesn’t mean his time with SHIELD has come to an end. For “The Laws of Inferno Dynamics,” he teams up with SHIELD to try to stop his uncle’s nefarious plans.

The Sokovia Accords as a blanket explanation

One criticism that pops up for me nearly immediately in the episode is the name checking of Ultron and the Sokovia Accords. The films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have led us to believe that the Accords involve the tracking and regulating of enhanced people, but apparently, there are provisions in their for technology too as Mace name checks Ultron and the Accords in reference to the creation of AIDA.

What’s actually in the Accords? They can’t possibly cover every law-breaking thing Marvel has at this point.

The first law of thermodynamics

As the audience learned in season one of the show (if they had never taken a physics class before), no matter in the universe is created, and none is destroyed. This point gets explained eloquently by Fitz who notes that all matter has a home, which Simmons thinks is sweet, even if it wasn’t actually the point he was trying to make.

Though Fitz and Simmons spend an awful lot of time sciencing and explaining things in this episode instead of actually being in a relationship, it is nice to see them explaining science to Daisy again since its been a long time since the three of them have been in the same room.

As a result though, this episode is very “talky,” devoting a lot to science fiction explanations that make it drag out a bit.

Everyone wants everyone else to tell the truth

Have all of these people forgotten that they work for an organization that has its roots in spying? Everyone complains about someone keeping secrets from them in this episode, but that’s the job.

It was drilled into the audience that secrets were necessary for three seasons, and now, suddenly everyone is surprised that no one trusts one another.

Yo-Yo stands out

The special and visual effects sequences for Elena as she turns the tide in the fight against Eli is nothing short of amazing. The narrative call there is that Coulson had to know exactly how things would play out so that Elena could run through the scene and make everything work for SHIELD, which requires a whole lot of trust, but seeing it brought to life is astounding.

The beautiful shot of Daisy launching herself into the sky was no slouch either.

The episode eight streak continues

Every season, episode eight gets a relationship reveal (May and Ward in season one, Hunter and Bobbi in two, Fitz and Simmons in three). This time? Elena and Mack share a kiss.

Is that it for Ghost Rider?

Rumors of a spin-off have been heating up, but Robbie sacrificed himself to stop his uncle. Could we see Ghost Rider again?

May the LMD

With the introduction of AIDA, we all knew more Life Model Decoys were coming, and while the reveal that May is an LMD in this episode might be a huge surprise, it makes the most sense after we saw Aida building a brain last week.

May had her brain scanned while she was close to death at the start of the season and that scan is in Radcliffe’s lab.

She also appreciated Aida as a person, not an LMD, before she learned the truth. May was also the first time Aida got to really be useful as it was her battery that helped save May, and then later, May let her help save Coulson and Fitz. May is someone Aida has seen in danger numerous times and bonded with, as much as programming can bond with a person, so it makes sense that she would be the one Aida took the opportunity with.

The verdict

While this episode dragged a little for me, it was still a VFX marvel for the show.

3 out of 5 stars

What’s next

Agents of SHIELD” returns on January 10, but one of our favorite Inhumans is getting her own digital short series beginning December 13. Natalia Cordova-Buckley will be getting to have more adventures as Elena in “Slingshot.”

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