Actress Carrie Fisher, best known for her role of Princess Leia from the Star Wars franchise, has died at the age of 60.

What do we know about her passing?

Family spokesman Simon Halls had released a statement confirming the actress’ death, reportedly coming from her daughter, Billie Lourd. In another statement, Lourd had thanked her mother’s fans for their “thoughts and prayers.”

Reportedly, Fisher died around 8:55 in the morning. She had been flying from London to Los Angeles this past Friday before the Christmas holiday when she went into cardiac arrest. She was removed from the plane by paramedics and was taken to a nearby hospital, the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center, and had been treated for a heart attack.

While reports initially seemed to suggest that the actress had stabilized while in the intensive care unit, it was later confirmed that she died at the hospital, with December 27, 2016 being her official date of death.

In addition to her daughter, Fisher is also survived by her mother, actress Debbie Reynolds, as well as her brother, Todd Fisher, and two half-sisters, Joely Fisher and Tricia Leigh Fisher, with whom she shared a father, the late singer Eddie Fisher.

Fisher was set to play her famous role in at least two more films

For many, Fisher was most known for the part of Princess (later General) Leia Organa for various films in the Star Wars franchise, a role she most recently played in "Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Before news of her death, Fisher was also set to reprise the character in later films, but it is currently unknown what will happen to the character.

In addition to her iconic role, she also appeared in the following films: "The Blues Brothers," "The Man with One Red Shoe," "Hannah and Her Sisters," and "When Harry Met Sally." In her remaining years, Fisher found work as a voice actress, notably playing Peter Griffin’s boss, Angela, on the animated sitcom, "Family Guy."

In addition to her acting work, Fisher had also become known as a mental health advocate, after she was herself diagnosed with bipolar disorder in 1985.

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