Actor Patrick Burnett had known from an early age that acting was something he wanted to pursue. Burnett had always wanted to write his own screenplays and star in them. But his mother nixed that plan, insisting he obtain a college degree before pursuing a "risky" career in show business.

As Burnett finished up college, a co-worker told him about a popular acting job board,, which help launched his career. Burnett, who has done a lead role for a TV show that is being shopped to major TV networks, is looking forward to obtaining his Screen Actors Guild (SAG) card and acting in movies and on major TV networks like NBC, ABC and CBS.

Burnett sat down with Blasting News recently to talk about his various projects.

William Powell: Tell me about your training.

PB: In high school and college I took a variety of acting and theater classes, but I believe that the best training is experience---experience which I have gained from rehearsing, auditioning, performing in plays, being on sets, and just learning from crew members and other actors, but I do still plan on starting some acting courses soon to sharpen up my skills.

Favorite roles for an actor

WP: What's been your favorite role so far?

PB: My favorite role so far is easily when I took on my first lead role for a TV pilot. The show is still in production, so I can’t give too much detail but the role was Christopher Harper Mercer, the mass killer in the Oregon school shooting of 2015. I’ve been told “It’s always more fun to play the bad guy”; well this was my chance and they were right!

To put yourself in the psyche of these people is a whole 'nother realm that you can only understand upon doing, but it is important to not get too attached to these kinds of roles for obvious reasons.

WP: How would you describe your method?

PB: My method begins with me visualizing my character and giving my character a back story that is not included in the script, so I can truly get into character.

Getting to know how my character would react to each and every situation based on the different aspects of their life is essential to my method.

WP: Do you prefer stage or Film?

PB: I respect stage more because of the history behind it and because it is much more challenging for actors than film in my opinion, but because of my fast paced, busy life-style, I prefer film because it does not require anywhere near as much rehearsing, and it gives me the room to work on multiple project at a time.

WP: What Hollywood actor can you see yourself working with?

PB: Although he is not renowned for his acting, I would love to work with Seth McFarlane because his sense of humor relates so closely to mine.

I believe that Seth McFarlane is a hysterically funny, comedic genius and his voice impressions are unbelievable. It would be a great honor to work with McFarlane.

Planning the future for an actor

WP: What's next?

PB: I’ve shown people my acting side, so the next step is to display my writing and unleash my producing side. I want to shop my scripts around to investors so that I can get the funding to make sure that my films have the ability to reach their full potential. As a perfectionist when it comes to my own work, I wouldn’t want the world to see it before it’s finished, and I definitely wouldn’t want them to see it if it doesn’t come out right, so it’s essential that my films are properly funded.

WP: Where do you see yourself five years from now?

PB: I prefer to think in increments of months, because years (especially five) is too far down the line. I began acting in September of 2015 and since then I have worked on multiple TV shows; I have done multiple lead roles for indie films; I have done a lead role for a TV show that is being shopped to major TV networks; I am working on a SAG project that will give me my SAG eligibility by 2017, and all of that is not including all the small roles and commercials I have done. If I did all of that in my first year, just imagine where I will be in another year!

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