Abby Lee Miller may be prepping to walk away from “Dance Moms” because she’s facing up to 30 months in prison. There are some signs that Abby is getting her affairs in order in case she’s headed to lady jail but we’ve also got some news on Candy Apples’ mom Black Patsy and her scandalous financial past.

What will happen at Abby’s sentencing?

As “Dance Moms” fans gear up for tonight’s episode “Winner Takes All” which pits Daviana versus Kalani in a battle for the best solo, Abby is already gearing up for a possible stint behind bars.

There are definite signs that Abby is preparing for the worst. Here’s what is happening.

#1 “Dance Moms” season 7 is only 13 episodes compared to a whopping 34 in season 6.

#2 Season 7 started the week after season 6 ended. Usually there are several months between seasons.

#3 Abby Lee Miller posted a cryptic message on Instagram that seemed to say “goodbye.”

#4 The ALDC LA tyrant has no idea if she’ll be hit with jail time, so she must plan ahead.

#5 Abby has visited many past students recently and it feels like a goodbye tour.

Abby’s Instagram goodbye?

Abby Lee Miller posted a video of the ALDC LA elite team’s recent win at Nationals and captioned it with, “5 years of my life, seven seasons on TV in 130 Countries - I did my best for Lifetime and gave my all to the production of Dance Moms!”

That certainly sounds like farewell. Abby has also brought in new instructors into ALDC LA, perhaps to cover her obligations if she’s sentenced to prison and has cut the minis team to simplify her life.

No doubt Gianna can keep things up while Abby is away, but “Dance Moms might be dead.

When will Abby find out her fate?

On January 20, 2017, the same day President-elect Donald Trump is sworn in as POTUS, Abby will be sentenced. Trump is working on Making America Great Again, but fans of the Lifetime dance drama want to know if Abby will make dance great again, or go to jail. Abby pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud for hiding assets and income in her bankruptcy case.

She also pleaded guilty to money laundering because she brought in undeclared cash from a promo trip to Australia. Case prosecutors have asked for 30 months behind bars, but the outcome is hard to predict.

Black Patsy’s scandalous past

Candy Apples’ director Cathy Nesbitt-Stein has been very vocal in her glee that Abby is facing prison time but one of her dancer’s moms, Kaya Morris-Wiley known as Black Patsy, has her own financial dirty laundry that makes it ironic for her to be bad-mouthing Abby.

After an arrest in 2002, according to Radar Online, for writing bad checks, Black Pasty was sentenced to 10 days in jail.

Then in 2009, she filed Chapter 7 bankruptcy but that case was discharged with no drama. Does Black Patsy have any right to throw shade given her past?

Dance Moms airs Tuesday nights on Lifetime, and after tonight, there are just nine episodes left – perhaps forever if Abby Lee Miller goes to jail and the show is canceled!

Scream fight promo from “Dance Moms” season 7 episode 4:

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