A movie from the popular "magical girl" "Sailor Moon" anime franchise will be coming to American cinemas as a holiday promotion this January.

Attendees will get a cartoon, a film, and some gifts

"Sailor Moon R: The Movie," also known as "Sailor Moon R: Promise of the Rose," the first theatrically released film from the franchise from 1993, will play in 300 American cinemas. Eleven Arts and Viz Media have joined together to promote the film, in what is believed to be a celebration of the media companies purchasing the rights to the classic anime series, and producing a new English dub of the series.


The film will also be paired with an English dub of the short “Make Up! Sailor Guardians,” which had been played beforehand in theatres during the original Japanese release of the film. The short, which explains the story to viewers unfamiliar with the franchise, has not been dubbed into English before.

In addition to the screening, it is believed the promotion will come with giveaways to fans of the series. One of the limited gifts is said to be an exclusive Sailor Guardian character board. Tickets for the promotion can be purchased online at the Eleven Arts website. The showings will last from January 19 to the 26th.

She is the one named 'Sailor Moon!'

As with the original manga turned anime series, the story revolves around a Japanese schoolgirl who learns that she is the reincarnation of Princess Serenity, who was the ruler of an extinct race of people who lived on the moon, and that she has the power to turn into the superhero, "Sailor Moon," a play on her costume being based off of a typical Japanese school uniform, called a “sailor fuku.” She is eventually joined by other girls who are the Sailor Guardians of the respective planets (in the anime, they were her personal guardians in their past lives, whereas the manga implies they were the princesses of their respective planets) and a masked man called Tuxedo Kamen, who in turn is revealed to be the reincarnation of the prince of the Earth, Endymion.

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The “Promise of the Rose” film features "Sailor Moon" and her friends fighting off villainous flower-creatures led by a figure named Fiore, who has a secret past with Tuxedo Kamen.

Previously, a Canadian-produced English dub of the series’ first four seasons aired in the United States, which included televised airings of the “Promise of the Rose” movie. A new dub of the film, produced by the Japanese-American Viz, is what will be used in the upcoming promotion: